Inner Peace Wellness offers some of the best Massage therapy in Birmingham. We understand that massage treatments are important in helping to Relaxing, Invigorate, or aid in Muscle recovery after sports. We offer a range of Massage treatments such as Deep Tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage and Indian head massage.

NEW! - Relax - Ology

Reflexology with Shoulder & Scalp Massage

Do you suffer from any of the following ? :
Upper Body Stress | Headaches | Tension | Tired Achy feet or shoulders | Sleep Deprivation

The Therapy uses a combination of heat to relax the feet, reflexology pressure points and massage techniques to help pin point and relax sensitive areas and tiredness to the feet.

Once the feet and, mind and body are in a relaxed state we then move to the shoulder, forehead and scalp to help iron out that tension, tightness and stress.

The Treatment also offers benefits of:
Slowing down the body and its breathing to a relaxed state | Removing tightness to feet and shoulders | Relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stress

55 minutes £45

NEW! - Thermo Massage

Deep Heat Massage

Do you suffer from ? :
Stiff Neck | Tight Shoulders | Headaches | Lower Back Pain

As heat is known to aid in relaxation of muscles and reduction in pain, we use it power using our hot stones, warming gels and oils on the upper and lower back and shoulder area. The heat almost instantly relaxes stiff, tired muscles to the back and shoulders.

After the back massage , you are then offered the added option of finishing you treatment with either a leg massage or your neck and scalp massage.

45 minutes £40

ELEMIS Deep Tissue Body Massage

Use of Forearms and Elbows to offer a deep pressure

This is a vigorous workout for the body. This deep pressured tailored massage leaves you feeling grounded and focussed. You select an aromatic oil according to your concerns – be they muscle pain, stress relief or emotional balance.Skin is prepped to release toxins and the flowing massage works deeper and deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. As effective as an hour’s stretching but so much more nurturing.

30 minutes £34 / 60 minutes £48

Inner Peace Signature Full body Massage

Do you suffer from ? :
Poor Sleep | Stress | Headaches | Aches and Pains | Joint Problems | Stiffness

Our experienced Therapists use warm aromatherapy oils with an in depth consultation to offer you the very best relaxing massage. Your massage will be tailor made to help your individual needs, helping you to feel like a new person.

30 minutes for £30 / 60 minutes for £45 / 90 minutes for £64

Massage Count Down

Book 4 30 x minute signature massage and receive the a discount each time and the last one at £15

This 30 minute targeted signature massage is ideal for a client who has a specific area of tension, tightness or concern. This can be areas such as to the entire back area, Shoulders and Back, Neck and shoulder or Legs.

Book your first one at £30 and the receive your 2nd -£25, 3rd - £20 and your last one at £15.

*Massage are not to exceed any longer tan 4 weeks in between. As the idea is to use this massage plan to help remove and eliminate the stress or the pain over a period of time

£30 for your 1st 30 minute massage and reduction thereafter.

Indian head massage

Minimum time, maximum tension relieving results

Using pressure points and relaxing massage movements all of your stress and tension is released. Concentrating on the upper body of the shoulder, neck and head and scalp.(This treatment is great for headaches or migraines)

30minutes - £32